Reasons to Consider Retail World of Warcraft Over Private Servers

If you’ve ever played either retail (Blizzard) World of Warcraft or private World of Warcraft servers, you know the differences between the two. I would say that there are definitely major advantages to the both of them, but I strongly recommend that if you want to play World of Warcraft and have fun with it, pay the extra money and play blizzard servers.
Private servers have so many problems that it’s not even worth it. Even as a private server owner, having the private server around got extremely boring. Private servers are full of bugs. You’re going to have a hard time doing many of the things required on the game without the help of a game moderator, because they’re required to fix the bugs. What’s really nice is when the GM’s aren’t even able to fix the problems that people are facing in the private servers.

Also, private servers have terrible stability. Private servers are much less likely to stay running these days, as Blizzard is able to shut down the most popular ones quite easily. Also, the servers are down all the time anyways. It’s horrible to try and play and just keep getting kicked off all day long. Not to mention, the latency you’re going to face on private servers is also horrible in most cases.

In order to get really powerful in private servers, you’re practically required to donate. If you do not donate, you’re going to be severly underpowered to all other players that decided to donate money to become really over powered.

Private servers are fun for player versus player, I have to admit. However, the PvP on PvP blizzard servers is even better! You might think that you like being instant 80, and you probably do, but when you have to work for it on the Blizzard servers, the game is much more enjoyable. You’ll never really realize how much fun it is leveling up and running instances with friends.

You might think that just because you play on a private server under a “blizzlike” condition means that you’re playing exactly how blizzard servers are, and therefore why should you change to blizzard servers and play there? Well, for one, there are all of the reasons I have already listed. Also, the “blizzlike” conditions are nothing like what you think. In many private servers, instances are all bugged, and in many more, you’re not even going to be able to do more than half of the quests that you need to complete.

For a mere 50 cents a day you’re going to get the best quality World of Warcraft you can get. You won’t have any bugs to face all the time. You won’t have to worry about the server going down all the time or your character being wiped. You also will have a great connection speed and will always be able to find groups with other people.