RuneScape Gold Money Making Guide Cows and Beefy Bill

People are always training combat on the cows in Lumbridge. They leave the hides and beef on the ground because the bank is a long way away. If the bank was closer people would certainly take advantage of the drops. Raw beef is 58 coins and cowhides are 112 coins. It doesn’t seem like much, but you kill cows quickly and the totals add up. If there was a bank close you could make millions. Here’s where Beefy Bill comes in.

Beefy Bill is in the cow pens to the north of Lumbridge. North of the windmill and south of the Varrock East mines. He stands near a wagon and sells a few goods. I never buy things from him, but he has a use worth more than anything he is selling. He will transport goods to the bank for you. Not just any goods, but cowhides and beef. The things that cows just happen to drop. The things you want to bank but never had a good way to do so before. Beefy Bill gives you that way, and it is great. Simply kill the cows nearby, pick up the hides and beef and use them on Beefy Bill. The items leave your inventory and end up in your bank.

Of course there is a small catch. Beefy Bill will take 10% of the items as a service charge. What? I’m not paying him to bank for me!!! Hold on a second. Remember, you didn’t bank before because the bank was too far away. If you come to Bill with 10 hides and 10 beef he will take 1 of each. That means 9 go to your bank, that’s 9 hides and 9 beef. In gold, that is 1008 gold for 9 hides and 522 gold for the beef. You can go one step further. After you have a large amount of hides go tan them in al-kharid. That brings the price from 112 to the 130’s per hide. A little extra cash for not that much more work.

If you haven’t done so already pay Beefy Bill a visit. You’ll be pleasantly surprised.